LLL @ZPHS Andhra pradesh

VMF Partner with DSE, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Department of school education, Government of Andhra Pradesh, partnering with VMF to implement LLL in 150 ZP schools

LLL @Private Schools in AP

VMF Partner with International and English Medium schools

MNS implementation in progress at Jain International school, Hyderabad, DNR English Medium school Bhimavaram, Padagaiah English medium, Hyderabad etc.,

LLL @ITDA Rampachodavaram schools

VMF Partnership with Cender for development and research, NGO

26 schools under ITDA Rampachodavaram implementing MNS. Rampachodavaram, Maredmilli,Kundada, Bodlanka,  etc

LLL @Siddagiri Mattam Schools

VMF Partner with Siddigiri Schools, Kolhapuri

Siddagiri mattam school teachers got trained in Aksharavanam. MNS implemented in schools supported by the mattam

VMF @ Research

Vandemataram Educational Research and Training, Aksharavanam

  1. Students  learn themselves at their own pace with little teacher support
  2. Teacher Facilitates individual and peer group  learning.
  3. Students are learning basic mathematics, reading lots of books and improving their natural abilities to think, learn and apply own knowledge and skills.
  4. Students Experiencing joyful learning and achievement becoming more confident.
  5. Students are teaching, expressing themselves clearly and learning from others.

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Village Educational Development Committees are functional in 62 villages in Warrangal District with support of the District Collector. Wardhannapet MLA A Ramesh adopted the concept.

VMF from their significant research have designed a break through approach that addresses the issue of ownership at schools in support of achieving goals of education and to keep parents, teachers and students connected throughout for successful running of the school.

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Strengthen Govt Schools


The paradox of the government school system in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is about availability of physical infrastructure and qualified human resources, but absence of crucial links that are essential.

Value Education


VMF provides value based quality education to the under privileged children studying in Government schools. The main objective of VMF is to strengthen the government schools.

Girl Child Education


Studies conducted in developing countries have shown that this is true. Today, even the World Bank has acknowledged that there is no investment more effective for achieving.

Support Orphan Students


Nearly 40 to 50 per cent of the Government School Students are orphans and economically backward. They don’t have helping hands when ever required. Due to these problems.

Voluntary Contribution Program


Vandemataram Foundation is working with many other organisations to promote its ideology and creating awareness in the students. Council for Green Revolution, Seva Bharathi.

LLL Programme


A program launched by Vandemataram Foundation (VMF), an NGO working in the field of education with an aim to impart education to the children of government schools in classes 3 to 8.