VMF Team - USA

Sandeep Narayana


Sandeep Narayana completed his Masters and working as IT professional in USA since 2001. Believing education is the only tool to impact society, He started working closely with VMF India team since 2006/07. Sandeep with help of friends & family started VMF USA chapter in 2008/09. Sandeep is very much inspired by Vandemataram activities and helps raise funds to sponsor various Vandemataram programs. As Executive Director, Sandeep is responsible for coordination, communication & planning of VMFUSA.

Naveen Soodini


Naveen Soodini, working as a Project Manager at WIPRO in USA and one of the founding members of VMFUSA chapter. He completed his Masters from Auburn University, AL. Since 2006/07 he was involved with Vandemataram foundation particularly attracted to the organization’s drive to strengthen government schools and support girl school education. As an executive board member he led the effort to gain non-profit status to the VMF USA chapter, which helped in getting generous matching contributions from US companies in USA.



Ananth is Workingas an IT Professional and living in USA since 1998. He has been associated with the Vandemataram Foundation since 2006/07 and working closely with INDIA team to develop an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization. He has very good Knowledge of current community challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the organization. As Executive Director Ananth will help & mentor VMFUSA team in developing a vision and strategic plan.

Praveena Atmakuri


Praveena Atmakuri is working as Sr Project Manager for PEPSICO and living in USA since 2000. Her strengths include being curious and continue to be a learner throughout the journey in various roles of developing and delivering projects and built confidence & career in management and leadership skills. She has been introduced to the Vandemataram Foundation in 2013, and has joined the board of directors in 2014. Her responsibilities include promoting cause of Vandemataram, motivate under privileged girls, coordination and communication as and when needed. 

Kalyan Sanagavaram


  Kalyan Sanagavaram is an IT professional living in USA since 2001. He completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering at Villanova University in 2003 and has been subsequently been working as an IT professional. He has been associated with the Vandemataram Foundation since 2010 and has joined the board of director in 2015. His responsibilities will include budget planning and other miscellaneous activities.

Satyapal Guduru


Satyapal Guduru is an IT professional living in California, USA since 1998, started working with VMF since 2006. VMF was introduced through a friend and visited VMF 10th class camp in 2006, impressed with how VMF is transforming rural children careers in a big way. Organized several awareness and fund raising programs in bay area for VMF and actively share VMF success stories among friends. As part of board member team, he is actively looking for opportunities to help VMFUSA team. 


Arvind Kallu

Arvind Kallu is an IT professional living in USA since 1996. He has been involved with Vandemataram campaign since 2014 and joined the organization Board of Directors in January 2016. His origin is from Hyderabad, India. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas in 1998 and has been working in the IT industry ever since. His responsibilities include mentoring and supporting the VMF USA chapter. He is also involved in pep-talk and guidance sessions for the students in the India camps.