Prathibha awards

Prathibha Awards

Vandemataram Foundation has been felicitating the 10th Class toppers of Government schools from each district along with their parents and concerned Headmasters.The event is aimed at boosting the morale of Government school children and their parents/teachers who carry high hopes about the carrier of their words.

As a part of felicitation to those brilliant but very poor students of Government Schools, who topped in the SSC exam, will have “Free flight trip” every year. The Students, who could not think even to see and board the plane even in their wild dreams, were put in a Chartered Flight and given a rid of Hyderabad. The Vande Mataram Foundation feels proud of these Students who touched the sky in “both the ways.” Most of these students are from poor families and for some of them Education is a “nightmare” and to some it is a “distant dream.” It proves that nothing can stop them if they have encouragement, proper guidance and inspiration, then they can prove their talent and they will reach the “heights of success.”