Rudrama and Pragnadhamam - Hostels

Rudrama Home for Girls and Pragnadhamam - Home for Boys

To support orphans and single-parent children to continue higher education, in 2007 the birth of ‘Pragnadhamam’ a hostel to support such children took 

Place.The hostel is located at B.N.Reddy nagar, Sagar Road, Hyderabad supporting 46 Boys who are now enrolled in various courses.

A famous saying in English states ‘When you educate a man, you educate only an individual. When you educate a woman you educate the whole family’. A large number of college going girls in Telangana State., discontinue education due to financial constraints. Majority of them belong to very poor families. Again, as per the age-old belief system of the male progeny and male inheritance, female child receives least or no attention. 

‘Rudrama’ – Home for girls aimed to support children of Single parent and orphans  to impart educational support . The hostel is located at Indira Seva Sadan (I.S.Sadan), Sagar Road, Hyderabad supporting 56 girls who are now enrolled in Intermediate with arts and science subjects. This is self-managed hostel by the inmates.