Today’s education system is focusing more on knowledge and is imparting little wisdom. So with poor wisdom today’s educated are using this tremendous knowledge for their individual benefit at the cost of society. Ego, greed and jealousy are spoiling our rich social fabric. Our core societal values of love, care and service are being diluted. Here lies the need for value education and this should be imparted right at the primary school level. 

Many of the students attending government school are first generation students from their family. And it is obvious that only those children who cannot afford studies in private schools join government schools. Perhaps, such children may not get any guidance either from the parents or from any other source. We need to fill these lacunae by way of extending a helping hand to the poor children. 

During this time,Ravindra,(Graduate, Warangal dist) realised the need of empowerment of government schools, due to which he started Vandemataram Foundation in 2005. Since then he has been working relentlessly towards strengthening government schools.And dedicated his life to the cause of nationalism and inculcating patriotism and culture among the youth in villages. 

Vandemataram Foundation (VMF) was founded as an NGO established with an objective to build character, inculcate right values in the formative stage of a child in the under resourced schools in the rural and backward regions. It was on the eve of centenary year (2005) of Vandemataram Movement that the foundation was launched.

Each year Vandemataram foundation continues to advance its mission of strengthening the government schools in rural area to impart quality and moral education for student’s overall development.Making a village school the nodal point, the Foundation builds teams consisting of village elders, youth and alumni of the school. These teams working in tandem with the parents and teachers of the school actively involve the students in various constructive and creative activities.

As we all are aware that only poor students whose parents are illiterate and do not have much awareness about the schooling and the importance of education go to government schools. As compared to private schools, government school children are deprived of proper encouragement and guidance. And VMF has been at the forefront of child rights and school empowerment with grass roots level interaction and right to information campaigns.