Baseline Test

Conduct baseline test for all participants and record in template.

  1. Baseline test to be conducted for both MNS (Minimum Numerical Skills) and MLA (Minimum Learning Abilities)
  2. Ensure sitting arrangement is easy for distribution of papers such that  distribution will not take more than a minute.
  3. Ensure announcements are made clear.
  4. Distribute answer sheets first and ask them to write their names and class.
  5. Distribute question papers.
  6. Ensure the numbering of the question paper to the answer sheet is matching.
  7. Keep time for test (MNS 10 mins and MLA 60 mins).
  8. Ensure discipline is maintained during the test that allows students to concentrate.
  9. Ensure to collect questions papers, answer sheets and bundle them and secure them.
  10. After completion of the paper correction, the results should be recorded in the attached template.

Peer Learning Environment

Peer Group of 30 multiple students


  1. Form groups of 30 members each and the group should contain multilevel students.
  2. Start with top performers and when they are comfortable,  in few days then add 2 students each    and after few days then add the remaining .. Such that guidance happens progressively. All this should happen in a week.
  3. No restriction to sit along with only one group

4 member sub group


  1. Group leaders provide guidance to other students while they work on their abilities.
  2. Group leaders form subgroups of 4 to 5 students to discuss and learn.
  3. Group leaders advice members on how to start and progress and if they need any doubt, whom to contact and when to contact facilitator and teacher.
  4. Group leaders encourage students to teach and facilitator other students

Material Resources

  1. 50 MNS question papers , answer sheets, answer keys , individual score cards and group score cards.
  2. MLA – worksheets for all 50 abilities
    1. 3 work sheets for each ability
    2. Set of Question papers  and answer keys
    3. MLA score card for each student
    4. Group score card for group leaders

Ensure to collect  all material back from students after the class.

Conducting Tests

  1. Plan the test such that very minimum time is used for conducting the test. (Max 10 mins).
  2. Distribute question papers randomly.
  3. Ensure instructions are clear for paper  distribution.
  4. Ensure  students  pass questions papers, answer sheets to the next in the line.
  5. Ensure announcement for test instructions are clear and loud.
  6. Ensure students write the number of question paper in the answer sheets.
  7. Use timer to start and close the test  – one hour for MLA – 10 mins/6 mins/4mins for MNS.
  8. Collect question papers only after the test.
  9. Ensure they all are ready for evaluation.

Evaluation, Recording and Appreciation


  1. Ask students to exchange answer sheets after the test


  1. Distribute answer keys.
  2. Give them time to correct using answer keys.
  3. Collect  answer keys after the correction is over.
  4. Students return the answer sheets to the owners after the correction.
  5. Distribute Score cards to each student and group card to the group leaders.
  6. Students record on individual Score cards.
  7. Group leader collects individual score cards and completes the group card.


  1. Put individual and group targets for appreciation.
  2. Appreciate performers and appreciate the performing group.
  3. Ensure there no any kind of discrimination that  discourages any one.

Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Be friendly with students.
  2. Be responsive to students when students trying to connect with.
  3. Take the responsibility to create positive environment for students.
  4. No negative words should be used against any student.
  5. Do not teach, do not pressurize students.
  6. Talk to teacher in case of any issue with student learning.
  7. Inform teacher if any student is not coming to the class regularly.
  8. No misbehavior with student is tolerated.
  9. Encourage students for achieving higher score.