Student Centric Education

Education system should be transformed to truly student centric that is focusing on student learning rather than teachers’ teaching.

          The traditional teaching using the black board, in a class room with students of multilevel abilities is ineffective that very few students who have the basic competencies to understand that particular lesson,   only are able to follow the lesson. The remaining students who form the majority of the classroom, remain disengaged because they cannot understand the lesson.  Who will teach those remaining students? Can students learn and understand only by listening to lecture?  Their learning do not progress.

  1. How can learning happens if the student is disengaged?
  2. Is it possible for a teacher to cater to multiple levels of needs of each student in a class of 45 mins?
  3. Is the task of completing syllabus without students’ understanding, rise their educational standards?
  4. Can students learn and understand the complete lesson just by reading or by-hearting the question and answers given by the teacher?
  5. Can students understand without experience?
  6. Can students gain competentices without doing and understanding?
  7. Can students improve ability to think if the solution is given to them without their effort or feeling? Is it possible to develop this ability to think in traditional teaching in classroom where the focus is on the teacher lecture than student learning?
  8. How do teachers know that students are progressing in their competencies?
  9. What is the impact of students not learning what are they expected to learn in the particular class?
  10. What motivates each student to practice to improve abilities?
  11. How to nurture individual learning ability of children to educate themselves?

Personalized student centric education will address all the above points in order that students learn what they are expected to learn.

VMF promotes student centric learning to achieve goals of education.

VMF goals of Education is to make students

  1. To be Lifelong learners
  2. To be Logical thinkers
  3. To be Leaders
  4. To be able to express and communicate effectively
  5. To be able to follow up their dreams
  6. To be able to work independently and with others
  7. Care and want to give back to their community
  8. Integrity and self-respect.
  9. speak well, write well, read well, and work well with numbers truly enjoy their life and their work.