The Researcher Sri V. Sreepathi Reddy explained as follows —

Private Schools are Parent Centred. Government schools are Teacher Centred. There is no school which is student centred. Aksharavanam research objective is to bring Student Centred Education.

To Educate students how to learn and habituate to think is the objective of the research.

Students are at multiple levels of abilities. Research is designing such programs to make students to learn at the level of their ability to learn and at their own pace.

Design programs to provide opportunities for students to learn on at the level of their abilities and at their own pace.

When students have the opportunity to learn things step by step which they can learn, they enjoy learning.

To design such programs which will give them joy of learning, and experience learning by doing.

Undoubtedly students learn more if a teacher teaches at his level of understanding. But when multiple level of students are there in a class, teacher can not teach at all levels at a time. If teacher want to teach each student at their level, in a class of 40 mins, only less than one minute he can spend for each child. So the remaining 39 mins that student can not understand.

To resolve this issue, if an opportunity can be provided to student to learn at his own level at his own pace without much teachers help, student will be happy and teacher will also be happy. IF that interest and thrust to learn is created in student, he will not wait for the teacher, he will learn from anybody who knows it. So the research would create an opportunity for students to learn by himself.

2001, Started SPR school in Miryalaguda with 39 students. Since then I have been doing research truly to understand how students can learn happily. We have done several experiments to understand how to make learning a happy thing for students for 14 years. With all that experience, learnings from running programs at SPR schools, I want to create methodology to scale up to large number of government school students. So I moved to Kalvakurthy in jun 2015 and started the research at Aksharavanam. I have been supported by my friends from SPR schools and others from government schools to design the material for this program.