• Method of teaching is Facilitation of learning, Teacher as facilitator

    1. To facilitate learning freely to all levels of students providing equal opportunity.
    2. To create an environment with resources for students to experience the learning by doing.
    3. Teacher has to think what are things that my students really need to know from the lesson?
    4. Teacher has to understand and prepare, what material or activities can I use to create the real understanding.
    5. To encourage them to think, ask questions and find answers themselves
    6. To engage each student in the process of learning in their own pace
    7. To ensure each student gets the attention that removes the obstacles in their learning process.
    8. To ensure a mechanism that allows the students to follow up on learning from where they start and what they want to learn.
    9. To allow them to consolidate their learning and form knowledge base.
    10. To provide an opportunity to think freely and imagine without any conditions.
    11. To provide an environment that create and strengthens the confidence in students to learn and apply the knowledge.
    12. To build the confidence in students to attempt exams using their understanding and knowledge. This should avoid the necessity to depend on by hearting and memorising.
    13. To facilitate an opportunity for students to be competent to follow up their bigger dreams.
    14. To facilitate an opportunity to discuss and express their thoughts clearly.
    15. To facilitate experience of sharing their learning and growing together.
    16. To facilitate teacher to learn and grow on pedagogical experiences.
    17. To facilitate teacher to work freely on how to make each student understand depending on their competencies.
    18. To empower teacher to think and adopt ways and tools to facilitate learning by doing depending on local situations.