Government of Telangana and Government of  Andhra Pradesh   arr spending ?40k & 44k/child on schools. Outcomes are poor.

With far little spend than the Government spend and few staff, Vandemataram Foundation achieved excellent results that students are acquiring abilities in mathematics successfully joyfully within weeks of joining the program.

Encouraging fact is that the results are repeating wherever student centric learning program has been implemented. The program proved to be scalable and applicable and hence universally applicable. This is because the research is based on children natural abilities.

Download the detailed document       Vandemataram LLL methodology

Project Briefer                                          Project Briefer


  1. Student Centric Education

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  2. Learning

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  3. Teaching & Evaluation

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  1. Objective

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  2. Peer Learning Environment

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  3. Material & Facilitation

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Facilitator Training

Facilitator will actually present at the centers and provide students everything they need to learn. He will coordinate with teacher for any material support and with group leaders for any operational issues.

Facilitator Guidelines –

  1. Baseline Test
  2. Peer Learning Groups
  3. Material Resource
  4. Conducting Tests
  5. Evaluation and Appreciation
  6. Do’s and Dont’s

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