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Vandemataram Foundation is a registered community development organization working for child rights through the schools for a better India. It was on the eve of the centenary year (2005) of the Vandemataram Movement that the foundation was launched.

Vandemataram Foundation has been at the forefront of child rights and school empowerment with grassroots level interaction and right to information campaigns. India Vision 2020 set the goal of achieving cent per cent literacy. However, with literacy rate of 61% national average and being ranked at the bottom of Human Development Index, is it possible to achieve that goal?

This is what motivated the foundation to fight for the child rights and contribute its mite to the India 2020 vision of Dr Abdul Kalam. With 600 volunteers toiling day in and day out selflessly, the mission seems to achievable. However, we know we have a long way to go. That is why we appeal to all of you to join us.

The foundation inspired by Dr Kalam, the former president of India (July 2002 – July 2007), is working for the betterment of children and their education.

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Our Activities

Strengthening of Govt Schools


The paradox of the government school system in Andhra Pradesh is about availability of physical infrastructure and qualified human resources, but absence of crucial links that are essential.

Value Based Education


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Support Girl Child Education


Studies conducted in developing countries have shown that this is true. Today, even the World Bank has acknowledged that there is no investment more effective for achieving.

Support Orphan Students


Nearly 40 to 50 per cent of the Government School Students are orphans and economically backward. They don’t have helping hands when ever required. Due to these problems.

Voluntary Contribution Program


Vandemataram Foundation is working with many other organisations to promote its ideology and creating awareness in the students. Council for Green Revolution, Seva Bharathi.

LLL Programme


A program launched by Vandemataram Foundation (VMF), an NGO working in the field of education with an aim to impart “education” to the children of government schools in classes 3 to 8.

Questions ??

  • Can existing school system ignite the minds of youth ??
  • Can it allow teacher to innovate and pay individual attentions ??
  • Can it allow students to nurture their natural abilities to learn and think ?
  • What are the abilities that the system evaluating in students ? Ability to memorize ? or Ability to think & learn ?
  • Is it allowing students to learn on their face, on their own ?

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