VMF tied up with Ramakrishna Matt, Hyderabad to impart moral education to students in Government Schools.

Sri Sarada Bala Samskar Kendra (SSBK) – SSBK’s year long programs run before and after school hours. This program is designed with the help of Ramakrishna Mutt, Hyderabad to inculcate moral values along with focus on education.

SSBK’s are run by a volunteer – who is usually a local, needy, Intermediate-pass or Degree-dropout young woman – by conducting daily classes after school hours for about 30 – 40 younger children (studying upto class 9 in the local school), to improve their academic performance and raise their spiritual consciousness. In the process, she is empowered and also encouraged to pursue her own formal education.

Activities of SSBK


  1. Academic – one hour – Reading, Logical thinking using tools
  2. Moral – one hour – Stories and Poems

Volunteer (after her college hours) helps the children complete their home work (given in their school) and assignments, improve their reading and writing skills, work on removing their fear of science, mathematics, and English and strengthening their fundamentals in these subjects, and take special care of slow learners. This enables the students to absorb the content and enhance their learning in the school, and perform better in the examinations. It also motivates (and forces) the school teachers to focus more on the students as they are coming prepared to the class and doing their home work regularly.

The moral education session consists of activities aimed at raising their spiritual consciousness with 15 minutes of prayers (Guru mantra, Dhyana mantra, and Nitya Prardhana), 10 minutes of moral stories, 5 minutes of meditation and about 30 minutes of team games with a message. These are aimed at improving the concentration of the children, inculcating moral and ethical values in them, and moulding their behavior. It will also promote ‘satva guna’ among the children, so that they grow up to become better citizens with a concern for the welfare of other beings in the society.

Duties during special days at schools:

The Volunteer involves the children attending the Kendra in celebrating annual events such as festivals (Janmasthami, Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, etc.), and important National days (Independence Day, Republic Day, Environment Day etc.), and organizes ‘samuhika srimanthalu’ for pregnant woman in the village.

Benefits of SSBK

The children benefit by improving their academic performance in their school, and behavioral change is observed among these kids because of the daily practice of learning imbibed through the moral and ethical stories. It contributes to harmonious and enriched relations with their parents at home, teachers in their school, friends and others in the society.

In a few years, these Sri Sharadha Bala Sanskara Kendra might resemble our ancient Gurukul in which the children were trained in all facets of life to become better citizens, and lead to building a harmonious society and a strong country.

VMF has provided Black boards, slates, educational material and moral education books useful for running the Kendras.

VMF coordinates with school management and encourage them to conduct all national festivals in schools so all students, teachers and parents participates.

VMF also conducts Padapuja program to teachers on Teachers Day, 5th September every year and also Padapuja to parents when it is appropriate… So these programs bring them together.

VMF also inspires Old Students to connect and support their schools on continuous basis.