VMF aims to realize this vision by working with the four major stakeholders, viz.

  1. Students studying in government schools
  2. Teachers employed in government schools
  3. Society comprising of parents of the students, the village communities, and other well wishers
  4. Government represented by Department of Education and any other relevant agencies


  1. To provide quality education to the rural children
  2. To inculcate moral values and patriotism in them
  3. To provide them with academic support
  4. To strengthen their cultural ethos
  5. To promote education of girls, who are treated unequally by their parents and society
  6. To strive to instill the ideals and teaching of Swami Vivekananda and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam among the students
  7. To take up activities aimed at expanding their horizon


  1. To awaken and orient them towards their responsibility for their students and society
  2. To supplement and encourage their efforts in teaching
  3. To take measures to recognize excellence and dedication among teachers


  1. To take up measures for strengthening community ownership of their local government schools
  2. To involve and provide opportunities for those who wish to strengthen government schools and the students studying in them
  3. To take up measures for bridging the gap in education and promote understanding between rural and urban school students.


  1. To work closely with department of education & other agencies so as to
  2. Enable them to implement their activities related to the vision of VMF
  3. Help improve the quality of their programs and
  4. To scale up the efforts of VMF.